“Help! I’ve lost my Mojo!”

Looking for your Mojo?

I get asked this question from time to time, “I’ve lost my mojo / motivation / energy, how do I get it back?” At the time of writing this I couldn’t tell you how much “mojo” I have right now, so this is not coming from me on a day where I feel like I’ve lost it – but it sure does happen to me too!

Firstly, I don’t think anyone is meant to be full of “mojo” every single second of every day, I just don’t think that’s possible, or even healthy; but if you do feel like you’ve lost your mojo it doesn’t mean that you’re not still wanting or working towards achieving great things. It also doesn’t mean that your goals are instantly going to fly miles away from you because you’re having a flat day / week.

This has happened to me on a number of occasions, and if you are someone who naturally runs at a high level of energy & is always working towards big goals, you’ll be familiar with these moments too. But each time you feel flat, you get better at picking yourself up.

Why do we lose our “mojo”?

The first thing to do is try & identify “why” you’ve lost your mojo. Some of the reasons I go flat is because:
- I’m just plain old tired
- I’ve been knocked back by someone /something (got a “no” I wasn’t expecting)
- I have missed a deadline I set for myself
- I’ve had to miss out on something because my schedule / financial forecast didn’t permit it
- Plans have changed / fallen through at the last minute
- I’ve allowed someone else’s negative energy “rub off” on me
- Something has happened in my “space” (to a friend, family member, colleague) & I’m emotional about it
- I’ve just achieved something huge & I’m on the “come down” of it.

This last one is a biggy that I’ve definitely experienced recently – the “I’ve done it, now what?” – it’s like the anti-climax that most brides experience after planning their big day – it’s over, now what? If you’ve been working on a project or towards a huge goal & you’ve completed it / achieved it, there can be a period of “low” after that and that’s totally OK, as long as you pull yourself out of it!

Another reason I get flat sometimes is because I’ve worked on the same goal for too long & I’m getting impatient. So these are just some of the reasons we can fall into a slump.

Where does our mojo actually go?
I believe that our mojo from time to time goes & hangs out with all the other lost mojos, throwing a party somewhere else coz you started to get boring ;)

How do we find our mojo?
Once you’ve identified why you lost it in the first place, lets use the “knockback” example – you got knocked back on a deal you really thought you were going to get – the easy one – the one you thought you had in the bag, and it fell through. It’s left you feeling really flat & you just don’t have the drive to pick up the phone and make another appointment to see the next potential client. Ask yourself – is this the first time I’ve been knocked back? Probably not! Think back to the last time you faced rejection & how you got past it, got stuck into something that distracted you from the knockback & you recovered & something amazing happened. The thing is, the reason we’ve lost our mojo is probably nothing new, it’s probably something we’ve experienced before, we just need to figure out the why, and then look at how we’ve overcome it before. If you haven’t experienced it before, seek evidence from other people that have “recovered” from whatever has had your mojo running away.

You may just need some time out, and guess what, it’s totally OK to let yourself off the hook for the day / week & give yourself a break, while you reassess things. If you are taking a break, make sure it’s going to benefit you not be destructive – if you’re working towards a fitness goal, sure, have a sweet treat if you want, just don’t binge. If you’re educating yourself, don’t just lay on the couch watching destructive TV shows – watch a comedy or a feel good doco.

Invite your mojo back for a party.
My last tip on getting your mojo back is that you have to get excited again about working towards something. It’s likely that you already have your big plan in place, if not, it’s time to create one because your mojo ain’t gonna come back until you’re throwing a party of some kind. So fall in love with your goals again, or set new ones. Make some changes. Restore that “knowing” that you will achieve what you’re working towards, as long as you are clear on it. Then, throw a party & when your mojo hears your fave happy dancing song playing & sees you jumping around the lounge room like a crazy person, he’ll be knocking at the front door wanting to join in again. Welcome him back & this flat phase will seem like it never happened. Until it happens again & you recover even quicker.

Happy dancin’ everyone, brighter days ahead ;)

PS. I’ve been reading about the Law of Rhythm lately – Google it & see how this really relates to ups & downs ☺

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WAHM Scam? How to find the right Work from Home Business for YOU.

I’ve just read an interesting article about “Work from Home” scams, written by a lady who has apparently written more than 100 articles “helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business”.

Unfortunately, I can’t see too many points in this particular article that are actually “helping” people to find the right Home Business for them. It pretty much highights a whole list of supposed “bad points” that you can find with a Home Business, which are mostly the reality of having ANY type of business. Eg.
- Continually having to find / service customers (internal or external). Um, yep, you’d be out of business if you didn’t continually have new customers!
- Asking people to sell your product. Well, typically people looking for a Home Business don’t have a product of their own, I know I didn’t have a product of my own to sell! So to have a business model that provides the product for them to sell & the systems to support it is the perfect solution, yes?
- Sales being generated from recruiting new members. That is usually a big part of your customer base & there is nothing wrong with that at all, as long as the profit is being made from new team members happily buying the product to use themselves – after all, how can you legitimately recommend anyone else use a product you have no clue about yourself?

I do agree on some of her points –
- That you shouldn’t need to outlay for a huge amount of “stock” to be kept on hand (if any). In our previous franchise business we had to keep over $150k in stock on hand at all times, but we were a retail outlet so people of course wanted to take the products home with them that day. In our Home Business now, our products are only shipped after the customer has purchased them, so we have our profit in our pocket first rather than outlaying for “stock”. Much easier to cash flow a business that way!

- That “sales” or “profit” should not be made from the training & systems that go along with the business. Unless that is your core product.

- Committing to a minimum Sales Volume. One of the benefits of being Self Employed as a Home Business owner is that you don’t have to report to a boss, with hours of work, customer reports or sales targets. YOU set your own goals.

So, how do we know what to look for as opposed to what to stay away from? From my experience, when you are looking for a Home Based Business, you firstly need to be very clear on what you want to achieve.
- What you enjoy doing (you’ve got to enjoy your work!)
- What priorities you have (time flexibility for children, portability to be able to travel, growth opportunity – to not be restricted as to how large you can grow your business)
- What you want to achieve (work life balance, personal satisfaction, and of course your financial goals – how much do I want to earn this year?)

You want to make sure you’re also going to be supported in your business, to achieve your goals & that you’re working with a company who has earned some recognition of some kind. When you find all of these things & have “ticked the boxes” so to speak, the next bit is up to you. You will need to find a way to make it happen, be committed, use your Business Owner mindset & get to work! Most importantly, have FUN!

Best of Luck of your search, I hope this has been of assistance to you & of course this website is a great place to make your first enquiry… If you don’t ask, you’ll never know! What have you got to lose, what have you got to gain?


PS. I should also add that the website that published the above mentioned article has unfortunately linked the wrong writer to the article so now some other poor lady is getting bombarded with people’s opinions on an article she didn’t even write! It seems there a lot of other experienced Home Business owners that feel passionate about this topic like I do! One of the reasons I thought I’d share my opinion here, rather than over there… :)

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The Year that was 2012 & How to Set Goals for 2013 (the KISS approach)

I’ve never really made it a point to set aside time at the end of the year to reflect on the year that was, I’ve always been more excited to bet thinking of the year head & setting new goals. But I’ve realised that in spending some time reflecting on certain experiences & expressing my gratitude for things that have happened, I am better prepared to know how to set my goals for the year ahead, and most importantly the key steps to take in achieving them. Because we all know the saying “If nothing changes, nothing changes”, right? Well it’s true. Every year I’ve said – “By Christmas next year, things are going to be completely different”, and typically some things are different, but some things that I have wanted to change, haven’t changed. So, this is why I’ve taken the time to reflect on the year that was (& still is – there’s still a day & a half left of it!), focussing on the great bits, and learning what to change and how to change it. And I’ve decided to keep this process VERY simple. If it’s too complicated I just won’t do anything about it.
So here’s my version of “Reflecting on 2012 – the simple way”.

Step 1:

Write down 10 things that you did an awesome job of in 2012. They don’t have to be huge things, just the first 10 things that pop into your head. (I struggled to give myself credit after the first couple of things but then got into the swing of it when I wasn’t being so fussy). Remember those moments, how did you feel when you achieved each of those things?
Now draw a line down your page to make another column & up the top, write “Do I want to do more of this in 2013?” Then write next to each achievement YES or NO.

Step 2:
Write down 10 things that you had a whole heap of fun doing in 2012. Those moments that either REALLY made you “LOL”, things that give you a real buzz, things that have you doing a happy dance, or give you that warm & fuzzy feeling inside. Remember those moments, I bet you’re really smiling by now :)
Now draw a line down your page to make another column & up the top, write “Do I want to do more of this in 2013?” Then write next to each item YES or NO.

Step 3:
Write down 10 things that you are really grateful for that happened throughout 2012. The experiences that really make your heart sing. The moments that you are so glad they happened. The things that you give the most thanks for.
Now draw a line down your page to make another column & up the top, write “Do I want to do more of this in 2013?” Then write next to each item YES or NO.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? When you look through each of these lists, do you see some of the same items appearing on all 3 lists? Maybe there’s a lot of experiences or items that appear on all 3 lists? For me, all 10 things on each of the 3 lists were either exactly the same moment or experience, or they were very closely linked. So now you can see that of all of the things that happened throughout 2012, which ones were the most important. And do you want to do more, be more & have more of those? Yes please! So there’s a good place to start in setting your goals for 2013.

Now how do you go about reaching those new goals in 2013? Well, just look at the list of things you’ve created in 2012, pull any on of those items off the list and break it down – what made you decide you wanted to achieve that particular thing? What were the steps you took to work towards it? What obstacles came up & how did you overcome them? Did you have to make any sacrifices to achieve it? What changes or alterations to your plan did you make, in order to achieve the goal? And then finally, how did it feel when you did achieve it?

By now you’re well on track to achieving your goals in 2013 & I’d love to hear how you go with them. Share with me what some of your Top 10 moments were for 2012 and what you’re goals are for 2013.

Have a very Happy New Year, make it the best year yet – you absolutely can.


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New Year Now.

I realised today that I’m slipping into “Holiday Mode” – which is perfectly normal for any day after 1st December isn’t it?! It’s funny though because I’m still totally focused on what I’m doing each day, I am actually way behind on holiday preparations so it doesn’t even feel like Christmas is just around the corner, but I have just started noticing my thoughts going to “In the New year I will…” mode. Yikes! Not cool! Why? Because if I treat my decisions & actions as if they can wait another fortnight they’re either not that important to me or I’m prepared to delay the results that I’ll get from taking these actions. Which is why I’m actually doing them in the first place isn’t it?! Eg. New fitness routine – to create fitter healthier body. Do I want that result sooner or later? New advertising campaign for my business – to create increase in sales. Do I want that result sooner or later? These are just a couple of common “New Years Resolutions” that we hear from people every year. “I’m going to get fit & lose weight”. “I’m going to make more money”. So, why not get a head start on your New Year’s goals – even 2 weeks of effort now, brings those achievements a whole lot closer. It could just make the difference between celebrating achieving those goals in February or March as opposed to June. Now doesn’t that sound a whole lot more exciting?! I’ve started, have you? Happy New Year Now to You. ~ Kirsty

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Fear of Failure or Fear of Success?

I’ve just read an amazing poem by Marianne Williamson that really highlighted for me something that I’ve never thought about before. “What do I fear more – Failure or Success?” Yes of course I look forward to creating more Success than Failure, but which one am I really more “comfortable” with. In this poem Marianne describes Success as our Light & Failure as our Darkness. I have always seen myself as someone who will create a great level of success, I have always been driven in career, family & business, so surely I can’t be afraid of Success? And then I thought about how I feel about failure – and thinking of it as a “Darkness”. I have seen failure, I have experienced it first hand, I know what “hitting rockbottom” really feels like. And as much as it sucks, there is actually some comfort there. I guess it’s because at that point you’ve experienced a big “fall” so to speak, and survived. Things aren’t exactly how you pictured them, but it hasn’t killed you. You can’t possibly go any further backwards. You know your friends, you know what matters and you know you’re actually OK. So, there’s the “Darkness”. How does the Light look now? Wow, the Light looks good, but there’s a lot of fear around it. From where I am at right now, I am enjoying the level of success that I have built, and now that I’ve experienced that, I’m not afraid of success at this level. But I want to create more, I’m raising the bar, a whole lot higher. Massively higher than anything I’ve experienced in the past. When I think about it – that is the light shining brightly, and I’ve just realised it does scare me a bit. What challenges am I going to face along the way? How are people going to react? What changes does it mean for me & my family? Who will be around us at this time? Lots of scary things to consider but I can’t possibly have the answers for all of those questions right now, because I’m not there yet. Am I going to let those “fears of the unknown” take over or am I going to keep striving towards my greater level of success and create what it is that I am here to create, for me & my family? The biggest thing that I realised is that I am prepared to overcome the fears along the way, the challenges & the new things that I’ll have to learn, because I am very clear on WHY I am creating this success – my husband & my 2 children, and as long as they are with me along the journey & to celebrate the wins along the way, nothing else matters, so really, there’s nothing to be afraid of is there?

Here is the poem that sparked this thought for me…. Enjoy xoxo

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel unsure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Marianne Williamson

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Small Change, Big Win!

I’ve found a way to make it SO much easier to do “that thing” that you’ve been putting off every day for a long time! Like exercise, or learning a new language or picking up a musical instrument you used to play but just don’t seem to find the time to anymore. There’s so many things in life that we’d LOVE to do, but just don’t make the time to. When really, we have the same 24 hours in the day as everyone else on the planet & there’s a whole bunch of people out there with more on their work schedule, more kids, busier lives than us, that are STILL “finding” time to do these things that they’d LOVE to do.

Exercise is one of these things for me. I actually do enjoy it, but for me, it is an effort!

So, I remembered back to when I saw the amazing TED speaker Shawn Achor at a conference in Hawaii a few years ago, speaking about how he loved to play the guitar but didn’t seem to find the time to do it much. He looked at “why” he wasn’t playing it – and it was because it was packed away in the closet in its case so it was a bit of an effort to get it out & unpack it. So he bought a guitar stand, left the guitar out on the living room where it was easily accessible & he found that after doing that he picked up the guitar to play almost every day! So just by making this small change to the conditions, he made it a whole lot easier to get the “thing” done that he had been wanting to do!

So, exercise is it for me right now! What’s been stopping me from doing exercise? Well, I have the kids with me most of the week, I’m really busy with work, it’s hard to find time to fit it in… Blah blah blah… Well, I realised that if I make it hard to fit it in, then it’ll be pretty hard to fit in my clothes soon enough! So, I’ve made it as easy as possible.

The first thing was getting dressed each morning. I work from home, I don’t have to wear a uniform every day, some days I’m in my pyjamas until lunch time (or later!) & I found that if I get dressed into my gym gear then I’m more inclined to just “duck out” for 30min (usually longer!) because I’m already dressed & ready to “hit the ground running” so to speak. Just by making that simple change it has more than doubled my motivation to get out & exercise… I grab the opportunity when it pops up, take the kids in the pram / on the scooter & go!

So have a look at what it is that you would really love to be doing on a regular basis, what’s standing in your way, and what simple little changes to your environment can you make to ensure that you do get this thing done. Of course you have to want to do it in the first place, but these simple changes can actually make things so much easier… and really, how can I resist this view that I wake up to every morning? Who would’t want to get out there & work up a sweat?!

Happy changing folks! Share with me what little changes you’ve made & what it is that you’ve been “wanting to do”!


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Goals… like a Grain of Rice…

How BIG are your Goals to you?

So it’s 4 weeks today until we head over to Las Vegas for another awesome Event. I get to catch up with all the amazing people I work with, some of which have become my best friends & like family to me. I get excited about these events because we get to learn so many new things, meet new people, contribute to local communities & hang out in gorgeous locations all over the world. Pretty cool huh?! It really is life changing stuff. BUT I have some pretty big goals to achieve before I go, in 4 weeks. Actually they’re not “pretty big goals”, they’re BIG. BIG BIG BIG. Massive goals. Do-able, but massive. And I can achieve them. Even though they are things I’ve NEVER done before, I know I can do it. But it is a bit scary when I start the 4 week countdown – the finish line is nearly in sight. So, I decided to think differently about my goals. Rather than waking up each day – of course excited about another day working towards my goals, but slightly fearful of them, I think of my goals as being tiny, in comparison to the size of the world, or the span of my whole life. So they’re really tiny – like the head of a pin. Or at the biggest – they’re written on a grain of rice – you know like you see at the markets where you can get an old Chinese guy to write your name on a grain of rice. Anyway, you get the idea – I can now balance them on the tip of my finger. So, this makes me feel more powerful, and that I am SO much more capable of achieving these goals because really they’re not that massive! “Massive” to me feels like it has a whole lot of haaaaaaaaaaard work attached to it, and I’m not keen on that. I love working my backside off (literally) but I don’t want it to be “hard” work. So I keep it fun, keep applying myself & see my goals as VERY achievable, now that I am so much bigger than them.
So the countdown is on, this is where the magic happens, in the last 4 weeks (of a 12 week action plan I might add). I’m excited to celebrate at the end!
Share with me what tactics you use to achieve your goals in the last leg of the race, or how you avoid the fear of a looming deadline. I love to hear it!

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Routine, Shmoutine.

I used to roll my eyes at Mums who had to have a “routine” for their kids… You know, the ones who know exactly what time baby is going to sleep, feed & just about poo. I’ll admit it, I rolled my eyes at them… Back then I had NO understanding of what a routine really was! Baby #1 (PJ) was really easy for us, he slept anywhere & at anytime & from 12 weeks onwards never woke once through the night (until nightmares started at 2yrs but that’s another story…) Baby #2 (Cintia) is the complete opposite (I’m told its a girl thing – being difficult) and we’ve had to go down to road of “teaching” her a routine. I scoffed at the idea of this for sooooo long. So that meant sooooo many sleepless nights! I thought “If I have a routine that she needs to stick to I’m never going to have a life! I can never go anywhere!” BUT I was so wrong! I learned that having a routine means that I can have flexibility. Kev & I have always LOVED being spontaneous, jumping on a plane to go where we want, when we want, changing or making plans at the drop of a hat – “Going out boating on Sydney Harbour today? Sure! We’ll stay an extra day!” So we’ve always been careful to keep as spontaneous as possible but Baby #2 saw that changing very quickly… Insert “Save Our Sleep” book here (thanks Tizzie Hall!) and hey presto, we have our lives back! Now, I know what time she’s going to sleep & what time she needs to feed & around that we can do pretty much what we want, when we want, because I know exactly what she needs at what times & in between she’s so much happier! So now I’m more excited about traveling, I’m much more relaxed about managing working from home with 2 kiddies & Kev is an amazing hands on Dad because there’s no more random crying sessions from her where we don’t know what she wants! Well, almost no more of those… (teething).

So, the reason for my post on this is that I’ve now looked back & reflected on how much a routine is important, for anyone & any area of life. I have a pretty strict work DMO – Daily Method of Operation – and I’ve coached many people on this topic, because it works. I found it was fairly easy to create a work routine, now I see I need that in other areas too – family, fitness, faith, fun. It’s also about finding that balance of having a strict DMO but having flexibility too. I find for me, by having everything scheduled in my diary (& I still love an old fashioned A4 day to a page paper diary over any electronic gadget – and I’ve just about tried them all!) I can have such a clear mind & see on paper that everything is going to get done today. So I’m totally fine with leaving the emails until 11am or 3pm, because that’s when I’ve scheduled to do them. Or working with different time zones around the world, or scheduling my Personal Development study at 1.30pm (baby afternoon sleep time) and sitting down to do it then, rather than racing around the house putting on loads of washing, because my study is important to me & my work, and loads of washing can be done when I’m not thinking so straight at 11pm! It all gets done. Not every day, but most of the time. And I love it. I never thought I would say this but I LOVE routine. It means I get to be present when I’m working and playing with the kids and having dinner conversation with Kev, because everything else is sorted in it’s own little time slot. It’s like a mans tool shed with those shadows on the walls of where to hang everything, a place for everything & everything in it’s place. I’ve found that a routined WAHM is a happy WAHM.

So a “Lifestyle Routine” (not a routine lifestyle!) is new for me but I love it… How about you? Share with me what works for you – I’m keen to learn more!


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Honk if you’re on track!

I took my son for a ride on the race cars at the local shopping mall recently, as a treat for his good behavior. He had such a blast & I get such a kick out of him having so much fun, laughing & shrieking as he raced around the track!

The funniest thing though, was that after the first lap he decided that he would race another little kid & honk the horn at the same time, while looking back, checking to make sure he was always in the lead… This is when things started to go horribly wrong! He was banging into walls when he turned his head back to check the distance between him & the next kid, and when he’d honk the horn he’d forget to keep his foot on the pedal, and the car would stop!

This got me thinking, what happens to us as adults, when we get distracted by noise makers or our competition? Have you ever noticed what happens to the speed you are traveling at towards your goals when you start worrying about what everyone else is doing? Do you lose your direction & your momentum when you get distracted?

Distractions of all kinds will always pop up in life, but if you can recognize when you are spending too much time & energy looking at the wrong things, we can keep ourselves on track & in the race.

We are in the New Year, the best time to get focused on what you want to achieve! So, ladies & gentlemen, start your engines!

Have an awesome 2012 :)


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The Multi-tasking Cocktail, what’s the Perfect Mix?

I’m a big fan of multi-tasking. Always have been, always will be. I must say though, I have , over time, refined my combination of what I can successfully multi-task and what tasks should be done with as much undivided attention as possible, so as to prevent a minor meltdown from me or someone else in the house!

For example, I do not multi-task anything work related while I’m in play time with my son. No phone calls, sneaking off to check emails, or domestic duties. Play time is our time together, it’s not a task & should not be treated like one, no matter how many things are on the to do list for the day.

I have previously fallen into the trap of trying to sneak in a few work things while we’re in play mode & it leads to disaster! I’m happy to admit it the journey of being a work from home Mum has been an interesting one for me but it’s all about balance, trial & error and setting ground rules.

Me time – visualisation, rest time, study, goal setting – as much as they’re on the to do list every day they’re not “tasks” either. To get the best out of them requires my attention.

As my Tai Chi teacher once said “You in the blue shirt! Slow down! I’m sure you have many jobs to do after class but this is not a job to be done, it’s a movement to be enjoyed”. How true! I’m not sure if he was talking to me or the lady in front of me – also wearing a blue t-shirt & rushing through her movements, but I took it on board anyway.

So it lead me to thinking about what things can I do – 2 at a time, and what needs to be enjoyed on it’s own? Which is why I’m blogging right now, while having a pedicure.

I popped in for a quick pedicure & felt the need to be doing something else at the same time. – emails? Check. SMS? Check. Decide what to cook for dinner? Not right now. Facebook – checked in & check. As you can tell I’m not a fan of sitting still for too long! So, blogging it is for this little space of time & I thought about both tasks – I don’t have to concentrate on my pedicure so I can happily blog away at the same time! Mission accomplished! Pretty feet & my thought process out on paper, so to speak, electronically of course (notes in the iPad, to email, to blog).

So I’d love to hear what you combine in your multi-tasking cocktail of choice?
Looking forward to lots of great “to do” tips for next week!


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